Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Our Commitment

In a word, exhilaration: coffee is our passion and it is sheer excitment when we get to share our terrfic coffees with our customers. Our business lies in our ability to share our passion for great coffee and to expand the awareness of what good coffee is all about.Our customers are of course the driving force of our business. We dont compromise on a few things Integrity,Trust, Relationships, Quality. We know that it isn't possible to sustain long term business relationships without a strong commitment to these values. Along with our commitment to you our customers, to our people and to our product quality, we are also commited to being good stewards of the resources we have been entrusted with. Our single-minded purpose is to provide you with great products and great service while simutaneously taking care of the greater good: the earth, the environment, the farmers who produce these goods, and to our vendors and to, in a word: people.Please register for our newsletter Coffee Facts, we will send you interesting fact and stories about coffee and all that surrounds it. By all means we invite your feedback, though we prefer to hear good things about our company and our products, we are also aware that learning comes from areas where we can improve. We welcome your comments.

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