Saturday, December 8, 2007

"Brew Unto Others"

At the last demo we did at Costco one of the customers said..."Brew Unto Others"...sounds spiritual." When I first chose this motto for our company it was intended to mean that friendships and coffee go together and that you should share great coffee with your friends.

But it has become more meaningful of late. The coffee crisis in the coffee producing countries continues because of massive overproduction of low quality beans, sold into a frenetic market at low prices, then processed by huge global companies.
This coffee isn't very good and has to be "enhanced" just to make it palatable. The food scientists and the chemists at the Big Four have figured out how to completely control the flavor of the coffee by artificial means. So to them flavor isn't an issue, only price.

But a reasonable approach for improving the lot of small farmers, is to seek out and buy the very best coffee you can find. More and more these coffees are being segregated from the huge production of low quality beans and sold into the specialty market. It's analogous to the difference between Thunderbird and Dom Perignon!

In doing this you are supporting quality and that is good for the economics of coffee. As the coffee expansion seems to just be in it's infancy, really good products, bring good prices (without all of the "social responsibility" labels, and the "guilt") and this in turn promotes production of high quality products. Better coffee equals better prices and more money for the people that produce the coffee.

So "Brew Unto Others": enjoy a terrific cup of coffee and help the farmers too.

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